Our Expertise


Our specialization is the “Integrated Management and Projects Evaluation.”
Making the decision to invest in a new venture or even to expand existing units to meet the corporate strategies, requires a thorough analysis a vision of the costs involved, what should be done and deployment time.

It is essential to establish the understanding and expectations of entrepreneurs / investors from the beginning, avoiding rework, increased costs and deadlines and relationship difficulties with the Stakeholders.

Establishing the feasibility within available resources, existing uncertainties and their contingencies, the risks involved and control systems that allow the taking corrective actions in time, requiring therefore Integrated Management assertive through specialized knowledge, application of Methodologies and Appropriate Controls.

We can also evaluate specific phases and activities, even if the Project is in progress, identifying any deviations, weaknesses and Risks that could compromise the success of the Project.

Integrated Management Services all or part of the phase planned for the Project can be carried out through the use of our own team or the entrepreneur / contractors.
We also offer our training services. (“coaching”)

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