Project Management And Evaluation

We develop a comprehensive and suitable tool for complete analysis and implementation of all phases and processes involved and through it we are allowed to prepare or verify the progress all the stages and items take part of a a project, as well as their interfaces.

Our work Methodology is based and also complying with all Project Management International Agencies and provides, during the work, an assessment and classification for the degree of quality of the information used in each phase and total Project, identifying the strengths, weaknesses and deviations, thus allowing decisions and immediate corrective actions.

In the initial stage, the analysis and implementation of a Project becomes safe and assertive, since it follow a methodology already established with clearly defined basis and allows monitoring close and immediate.

However, if the Project is already in progress, the Methodology consists in making sure that the full scope and phases of the Project have been duly executed with assertive data, and in the case does not meet the basis established, we will be able to identify the deviations and corrective measures.

It is up to UP BRASIL CONSULTORES propose to the client during the analysis, a deepening of the available information that perhaps were not executed or properly obtained and / or do not have consistency, which can adversely affect the Project.

UP BRASIL CONSULTORES can develop and / or manage the complementary services that are considered necessary for the assertive Integrated Management.


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