Within the Integrated Management for deployment of EPCM Project, we offer the following items:

• Project Corporate Governance (Strategic Planning, Using Tax Incentives,    Human Resources, Financial Control and Cash Flow).

• Analysis and structuring of the Project as well as the people and companies involved, their expertise, size and responsibilities.

• Analysis of Planned Scope and its potential reach.

• Location of the Project (Logistics, Utilities Available, Environmental Permits and any impediments, relationship with the Community and Local Authorities).

• Analysis of the Site Survey and determine any impacts on the Project.

• Analysis and assessment of the available data.

• Review of Engineering (Conceptual, Basic and Detailed), Degree of Development, Quality, Evaluation accordance International Rules and its conception, covering all stages which should be considered in the scope of the Project, as these results will influence the Risks and values ​​of Contingency of Costs and Schedule.

• Analysis of the extent of the Risks involved, their Management and contingency.

• Philosophy and Management of Development Control Plan.

• Contract Management – Types of Contracts, Minimum Guarantees – Monitoring all stages (equalization of the proposals, awarding and monitoring the scope, performance and release of payments).

• Cost Control Plan of the Project, Establishment of Metrics, Monitoring and Trending.

• Change Control Management.

• Organization Chart, its suitability, definition of Roles and Responsibilities (Matrix of Responsibilities).

• Review and / or preparation of the Plan of Implementation of the Project comprising all phases involved.

• EHS (Environment, Healthand Safety) – Plan, Law and Rules   applicable and Goals.

• Quality Assurance Plan and its Control.

• Information Technology (IT) Resources – (hardware & software).

• Construction and Installation – Constructive Methodology, Constructability, Degree of Pre Fabrication, equipment involved, Construction Site, manpower involved and necessary spaces and compatibility with the schedule, EHS, QA / QC.

• Study seasonality of rainfall, labor, equipment and implications in the Schedule.

• Supplies (Purchasing, Expediting & Inspection, Transportation & Logistics and insurance).

• Commissioning – Methodology and Procedures.

• Ramp up

• Performance Guarantee – Management (Monitoring and Analysis).

• Assisted Operation and Operator Training – Monitoring & Management.

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